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With Content-Select you manage, host and deliver any form of multimedial publications. E-Books, E-Journals, articles, audio books and videos in every format are being supported. 

E-Books in your Browser

Modern HTML5 Technology allows the display of PDF ebooks directly in your browser: No Flash, no other software installation necessary. Thus you offer your e-books users all functions of the Adobe Reader without any further download. Access control and user rights stay in your hands.

Customer orientated rights

Companies need different access rights compared to university libraries or small enterprises. With Content-Select you remain flexible in the distribution of rights: Only download of one chapter or the whole book? Or just one print per session? Or only reading online? You decide!

Dynamic Watermarks

Dynamic Watermarks label every download and printout from Content-Select with date and source. An important psychological barrier against fraud. This also applies to audio data!

Remain citable

Publications at Universities need to remain citable. Content-Select enables you to capture quotes and is compatible with the widely spread tool Citavi. To every quotation, metadata will automatically be set as well as a permalink. In addition the quote can be saved in BibTeX and RIS format.


Today there is a big variety of devices. Content-Select is built consequently with responsive design, hence the output is adjusted accordingly to every appliance.

Search and find

Content-Select indicates full text search on modern Solr servers and therefore offers full text search within a publication and over all publications. The user gets a result list with snippets of the source with a direct link. The location is highlighted as well as other findings within the publication.

Statistics with a statement

Besides the usual book- and journal reports according to COUNTER Standard, our customers get graphical formated statistics about package and title enquiries. For suppliers we also offer up to date sales figures to keep an overview.

Technical Support

We are not leaving you alone and guarantee Sameday-Response and quick solutions in case something doesn't work as we want straight away.

Design on request

Content-Select enables individual design modification for every customer. An important feature for key account customers with strict corporate design guidelines. Next to logo and colour, navigation elements can easily be added or taken out.

Secure Authentification

Undoubtedly, Content-Select offers common IP authentification and of course already with the IPv6 Standard. For universities, Shibboleth is another way of authentification. Content-Select is a member of  the Shibboleth Federations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We offer the whole range with flexible configuration of access rights for different user groups. Furthermore, we use  WAYFless URLs.

Email Alertservice

Customers get an automated email notification, as soon as a title goes online. An important tool for the indexing process at universities. And last but not least an effective tool for customer loyalty.

Data exchange without barriers

Your clients receive their metadata in various formats to download or via the BSZ/GBV catalogue. For suppliers we offer automated invoice generation, data exchange and acutalisation via FTP or one of our affiliated distributors, e.g. KN-Digital, readbox, Rhenus or HGV.

Trial access

Did we draw your interest? We are happy to provide a trial access account! 

What our customers say

"Everything worked beautifully. Next to the high-quality contents we also received a technical solution that adapted perfectly to our infrastructure."

Cornelia Hendricks M.A.
Wiss. Dokumentarin
Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften e.V.